Red Door Highland Gin - Benromach Distillery

Red Door Highland Gin

Red Door Highland Gin

ABV: 45% VOL: 70 cL
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From Benromach Distillery, Red Door Gin captures the spirit of Scotland's majestic mountains, forests and coastal fringes in a deliciously distinctive, small batch Highland Gin.

Handcrafted in their copper pot still, Peggy, Red Door Gin is a London Dry Gin, vapour infused with a heart of finest juniper and a unique selection of locally inspired botanicals. Beautifully balanced with a sumptuously smooth mouthfeel, it can be sipped and savoured neat, or enjoyed as the base to a sensational gin and tonic.

Carefully selected for a full-bodied flavour, Red Door Gin balances five core gin botanicals with the deliciously distinctive flavours of three botanicals inspired by the local landscape.

Locally-inspired botanicals

A unique selection of three locally-inspired botanicals include, pearls of heather, common on Scottish hillsides, rowan berries, found in local wooded areas, and sea buckthorn, growing wild in Scotland’s coastal areas.

Classic gin botanicals

Five classic gin botanicals (juniper berries, lemon peel, bitter orange peel, coriander seed and angelica root) create the base to a London Dry Gin with a complex palate and a lusciously long finish.

COUNTRY: Scotland

GIN STYLE: London Dry

KEY BOTANICALS: Juniper, Bitter Orange, Sea Buckthorn, Pearls of Heather and Rowanberries.

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