House of Botanicals Old Tom Gin 70cl 47%

House of Botanicals Old Tom Gin 70cl 47%

  • £33.00

Launched to the world in the April of 2018, House of Botanicals Old Tom Gin is the first foray into the world of botanical spirits for the Dr. Adam Elmegirab's brand. Distilled partly in London, in order to produce authentic London dry gin, it's then shipped to Aberdeen, where addition of sugar, chamomile and saffron turns it into the Old Tom Gin. The colour comes from the brown sugar used in the production - keeping the taste as close as possible to the traditional old tom gin. 

NOSE: Golden yellow. Floral notes, spice and juniper dominate with earthy elements also noticeable 

TASTE: The spice and juniper continue to shine alongside warming pine notes and hints of coriander, before leading into sherbet-y citrus and chamomile ahead of the finish 

FINISH: Long and fragrant, everlasting complex sweetness and spice

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