Daffy's Gin

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Daffy's Gin

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Daffy’s is a gin of exceptional quality, using a ‘slow-cook’ distillation process. This unique distillation process creates Daffy’s incredible smoothness, depth of flavour, and finesse.

This single batch copper pot-distilled gin, infused with Lebanese mint and eight other carefully chosen botanicals, has a unique fresh taste, with an exceptional nose and elegant finish.

‘Daffy’ is what gin was called in Britain in the 1800s. Originally an affectionate slang name for gin. Charles Dickens wrote many times about Daffy and its virtues, and there were many Daffy’s bars and clubs in London and across the UK. 


NOSE Fresh, woody, floral, toffee. Fruity and full of life. Oriental pine forest by the sea with a breathtaking view.
PALATE Smooth and vibrant spice with oaky mouthfeel, leading to lively citrus and Lebanese mint then to red fruit followed by juniper.
FINISH From the depth of fine juniper & Lebanese mint to a long, buttery, warm & elegant finish, enchanting to the end. 

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