Glenallachie Distillery

White Heather 21 years old Blended Scotch Whisky 70cl 48%

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White Heather is an expertly crafted and exceptionally rare blended scotch whisky.

This limited release blend was created by Billy Walker - Glenallachie's Master Distiller with fifty years of experience. 

Capitalising on his extensive experience, he has sourced the finest single malt and grain whiskies from across Scotland's breadth, experimenting and blending them in the Glenallachie Distillery lab. With an emphasis on care and attention to detail, Billy has created a recipe with exceptionally high malt content, allowing quality and character to reign supreme.

Using a combination of American and Spanish oak casks, the blend is laid to rest for an additional 3 years for the flavours to marry the wood to impart additional depth and complexity.

Colour: Natural Gold-Bronze.

Nose: Beautifully soft background with heather honey, butterscotch, peat reek and hints of tannins. 

Palate: Rich notes of heather honey, butterscotch, orange peel and soft tannins, with a wonderful presence of peat and smoke.