Tulchan Estate

Tulchan Gin 70cl 45%

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Tulchan Gin is a light style London Dry Gin born in one of the most prestigious estates in Speyside, Scotland. Surrounded by 22,000 acres of pristine moors, lakes and valleys, the Tulchan Estate captures the essence of Scotland itself, as does the Gin that proudly carries its name. It is more subtle on juniper than many other gins, which allows other Scottish botanicals to come through. In addition to the traditional botanicals and typical flavour profile that one would expect to experience in a super premium gin of the 'London Dry' type, Tulchan Gin elevates itself and celebrates its origins by conveying the character of typical Scottish flora, like sloe berries, and other 'wild' botanicals that can be found on the Tulchan estate. 

Nose: Juniper, lemon & orange peels, coriander, very faint floral notes.

Palate: Sweet up front with lots of candied citrus peels, followed by resin, cardamom, liquorice, & coriander.

Finish: Medium length. Kumquat & lemon curd, still quite sweet.