The Big Smoke 70cl 46%

The Big Smoke 70cl 46%

  • £31.49

The Big Smoke was created to blend malt whiskies from some of the Scotland's most iconic distilleries, and to bottle it in its most rugged form.
This whisky is reminiscent of traditional Islay malts, full of peat smoke and coastal sweetness, powerful yet caressing, everything you would expect from a blend of exceptional smoky whiskies.

COLOUR: White wine.

NOSE: Antiseptic cream, salted butter on toast, distant driftwood bonfires, meringues, peaches and strawberries.

PALATE: Cool and minty, smoke and soft charcoal, currant buns and icing sugar.

FINISH: Crisp and clean with growing oily saltiness and wet wood smoke, wet grass and a touch of leather.

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