Wemyss Malts

Spice King 70cl 46%

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This big bodied whisky, with big personality delivers effervescent flavours thanks to its 46% alcohol by volume and non chill-filtration. Complexly sweet yet salty, layered with spices and peppery smoke makes for an ideal alternative to rye or spiced rum.

Nose: A rich marmalade glaze on baked pastries with a dusting of cinnamon. Baked syrup sponge smothered with salted caramel sauce with aromas of orange blossom and well-polished wood. 

Palate: Toasted oat and ginger biscuits with nuggets of walnut and crystalised fruits, warm from the oven, and enjoyed with a mug of spiced hot chocolate. Fine leather mingles with damp heather buffeted by coastal sea spray. 

Finish: A toasted warmth lingers with tingling cracked pepper.