Duncan Taylor

Port Dundas 1973 46 Years Old The Octave 70cl 56.1%

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This single grain whisky, distilled in 1973 at port Dundas Distillery is a part of the second edition of the Octave collection from Duncan Taylor, which features Octave finished malts from lesser-known distilleries in Scotland. 

Nose: Complex with beautiful sweet sherry and muscovado sugar. Lots of fruit with sour cherry notes and bright, fresh coffee berries.

Palate: An immediate tropical fruit explosion with lively mango and fresh coconut. Lovely balance, like a well-made bellini, with the sweetness balanced with the dryness from the wood.

Finish: Nutmeg, aniseed and hot buttered cinnamon Danish pastries. Very long, complex and satisfying.

Only 90 bottles produced.