Bruichladdich Distillery

Port Charlotte Mrc:01 2010 70Cl 59.2%

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With over 200 different cask types maturing in the warehouses, the cask exploration series showcases the influence of wood on this heavily peated spirit.

Nose: initially a summer fruit and peat smoke, raspberry and cherry, with Turkish delight and smoky driftwood embers followed by the islay sea breeze, ozone and salty. The oak, both American and French, classic vanilla, toasted bread, chocolate, roasted coffee beans, liquorice walnut and almond. 

Palate: warming, lively and sweet with icing sugar and marshmallow, bound in smoke. Sweet red fruit and peat smoke melt away slightly as the power of the oak comes through with tobacco leaf and toasted oak. Maple syrup, pecan and coffee are complemented by hints of orange and cooked peach. 

Finish: a dryness from the oak tells of the toasting of the french and the char of the American and the final combination in premium french oak together.