Peat's Beast

Peats Beast Cask Stregth Sherry 70Cl 54.1%

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Peats Beast Cask Strength is a beautiful orchestrated full-bodied single malt. The hand of time has genuinely nurtured this noble single malt as a tapestry of exuberant flavours caresses the palate with cinnamon apple compote, dark bitter chocolate, ogen melon with drops of aged balsamic and maple syrup. This divine melody of flavours provides a final fusion of salty coconut, Pontefract cakes, molasses and ginger spice. Sensational with every drop.

A rhapsody of enticing aroma is immediately apparent as rich nuances of orchard fruits, candied orange peel, maraschino cherries and christollen cake drenched in aged oloroso sherry make their presence felt. This malt is a real class in a glass that has taken years to perfect therefore give it all the reverence it richly deserves - the time is the key to its heart. Every beat will unfold even more rewards of treacle cake, frangipane, soft, chewy liquorice and baked banana bread.