Outlaw Rum

Outlaw Rum 2021 Bourbon Cask Limited Release 70cl 43%

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Outlaw Rum seamlessly blends two distilling histories, born of old Caribbean distilling traditions, then steeped in the alchemy and renown of the Scottish whisky finishing. Specialist maturation gives this rum a bold, fruity sweetness with decadent richness. The Bourbon casks add citrus and creaminess to the dram finish. 

Nose: Very smooth, rich vanilla, a touch of toffee and sweetness. Some oak woodiness, soft orange and caramel. Light and fresh.

Palate: Smooth and rich vanilla. Strong citrus notes evolve into sugared orange fruit on the finish, with creaminess coming through and a touch of cinnamon and baking spice. 

Only 1350 bottles produced.