Nc'Nean Huntress Spring 2022 70cl 48.5%


Nc'Nean Huntress Spring 2022 70cl 48.5%

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This single malt is Ncnean's first spring seasonal release from a new series of whiskies called Huntress. This series is all about the ethos of discovery, of walking our own path, and is inspired by our very own Neacheohain. The Queen of Spirits in ancient Gaelic legend, a goddess of wild animals, the hills the rivers and the moon. A huntress. This series brings to light the ongoing pursuit of new flavours in whisky making and the love for innovation.

Excitingly, the 2022 release is the first featuring one of Ncnean's yeast trials. Yeast is fundamental to making whisky, creating not just alcohol, but also the most intriguing flavours. Unconventionally, this whisky has been created using three yeast varieties, including one commonly used in rum production.

Only 4447 bottles were produced.

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