Ledaig Na Bràithrean Wee Brother 70cl 51%

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Ledaig Na Bràithrean Wee Brother 70cl 51%

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Na Bràithrean [na brah-rin] means “the brothers” in Scottish Gaelic. They search hard for the right mother cask to split into a pair of unique Single Malt Scotch Whiskies. Each brother is finished independently, using different kinds and sizes of barrels to shape the flavour. The end product is two bottles of the same spirit with different personalities and characteristics.

The first "Islands" region whisky in Na Bràithrean collection comes from the Isle of Mull. 

This Wee Brother distilled at Tobermory Distillery in 2009 has spent 12 years aging in a bourbon hogshead. All-natural colour and non-chill-filtered with an outrun of 158 bottles at 51% ABV.  


NOSE Chocolate orange and charred pineapples.
PALATE Burnt oak and lemon maringue with a rush of peat smoke.
FINISH Smoked bacon, toasted marshmallows and long lingering finish.


Only 158 bottles produced.

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