KISS Black Diamond Rum 50cl 40%

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KISS Black Diamond Rum 50cl 40%

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Black Diamond is the name of the final song of the KISS debut album. So from now on, this rum, which is as exciting as the band itself, also carries this name. The Black Diamond Rum is a mixture of different Caribbean barrel rum varieties, up to 15 years old. Each of these rums contributes its small part to Black Diamond Rum's unique and round taste experience. Likewise, the label embodies everything the American band is known for: iconic costumes, eye-catching make-up and, of course, rock 'n' roll.

The taste of Black Diamond Rum is dominated by a pronounced oak character and a restrained sweetness. The unique blend of this rum is composed of notes of dried fruits, butterscotch, vanilla, nuts, cinnamon and chocolate, promising a welcome experience for the taste buds, especially on colder days.

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