Kilchoman Fino Cask Matured 2023

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Kilchoman Fino Cask Matured 2023

ABV: 50% VOL: 70 cL
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This is the second time Kilchoman Distillery aged their peaty spirit in Fino Sherry Casks. Due to the popularity of the first release, they have decided to repeat the maturation. This whisky combines 20 finest Fino Sherry casks, which gives this malt unique notes of fresh green fruit, which combines beautifully with a salty, peaty character of Kilchoman. 


NOSE Elegant, dry peat smoke on the initial nosing, gradually opens to the unmistakable fruity character of Kilchoman. The distinct influence from the Fino Sherry casks provides dry, smoked oak which balances with the smoke found in the heavily peated Kilchoman malt. A lasting aroma of sweet butterscotch as the whisky begins to open.
PALATE  Honeycomb sweetness can be found immediately on the palate, gradually giving way to rich toffee and caramel. The Kilchoman spirit brings together candied fruits and fresh citrus in the distillation. Flaked almonds and a delicate peat smoke remain throughout.
FINISH Long-lasting considered finish combining the malty spirit of Kilchoman, with the ripened citrus fruit profile provided by the Fino Sherry casks. A subtle peat smoke which has coated the palate right through now, shares the finish with hints of dark chocolate.

ABV: 50%

COUNTRY: Scotland



WHISKY TYPE: Single Malt

CASK TYPE: Fino Sherry Casks

OUTRUN: 15650

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