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Kilchoman Bourbon Barrel Comparison Series Set • ONE PER CUSTOMER •

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This series of single casks was created to showcase the different qualities of single casks within Kilchoman Distillery, and to
be savoured side to side to enjoy this experience at its fullest.

In this first release we are presenting two Kilchoman Spirits type, 100% Islay and 50ppm, and their development through the same maturation.

Single cask 719/2012 and 726/2012 are two 8 years old whiskies, distilled one week apart, both matured in the best quality Bourbon barrels from Buffalo trace distillery, Kentucky.

Notably different, these spirit types shine through the bourbon maturation extremely well, showcasing flawlessly the main
differences within the two flavour profiles.

This wonderful set includes 2 of the Kilchoman's finest single malts:

- 100% Islay Bourbon Barrel 70cl 55.7% - distilled on the 1.11.12, the spirit characteristics of this cask are typical of our 100% malt:

Nose: Light and floral with fresh citrus notes

Palate: A lovely balance of lemon and citrus and a hint of saltiness on the back of the palate

Finish: Mouth coating with a light lingering finish

- Bourbon Matured Single Cask 70cl 55.4% - distilled on the 8.11.12, the spirit characteristics of this cask are the following:

Nose: Lemon, citrus and a sweet caramel character developing

Palate: Lemon and citrus with a maritime sweetness

Finish: Round and soft with a wonderfully long finish


Please note: only one set per customer