Indigene - Hautes Glaces

Hautes Glaces - Indigene

Indigene - Hautes Glaces

ABV: 44% VOL: 50 cL
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This single malt is from the organic farm distillery, Haute Glaces, located in the outer reaches of the Isère, Drôme and Hautes-Alpes departments, Trièves. A unique area, hidden from view, far from major cities, has lent itself to pioneering ventures, forging a cultural melting pot. This "High Country", surrounded by mountainous outcrops is beautifully represented on the bottle bottom. The Distilleries commitment to producing spirits from grain to bottle in the Trièves region makes the very existence of Hautes Glaces inseparable from this unspoilt and inspiring land.

Made with an ecological approach, to make the finest whisky with the fewest resources possible. This dedication has led to the reinterpretation of expertise at every stage of production and adopt often rare and groundbreaking practices. With all details carefully considered, with the corks made from spent grain (residue from brewing cereals) so as to not consume new resources to the bottle shape that saves 13.4% empty space in a box and reduces transport cost.

NOSE: A hint of wood combines with notes of candied fruit, white peaches and slightly sour pears. A great freshness emerges, the clarity of a fragrance. Gradually, the almond flavour typical of our single malts takes shape, followed by sweet, pastry-like aromas...
PALATE:  A comfortable entry allows us to appreciate a distinguished, well-balanced bitterness. It provides subtle support for the initial malt notes, before another sensual, ethereal and floral setting is revealed: a field of malt embracing the blossom of an orchard, with discreetly saline scents. The palate continues along this line between earth and sky, a high-altitude orchard that gradually reveals other promises, both delicious and complex.
FINISH: A sensation of fine sweetness, a smooth, almost creamy texture stretching out the finish toward aromas that are both exotic (lemon, chocolate) and mountainous unfold. At the back of the empty glass dance the promises of the harvest to come: the smell of spring, flowers and barley. The burning desire to take flight again and soar above our peaks. Or when the local (the Indigène) gives you wings.

ABV: 44%


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