Daftmill Distillery

Daftmill 2009 Summer Batch Release 70cl 46%

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The nose is initially quite shy, and this dram benefits from a little breathing time in the glass, those with patience are rewarded with a harmoniously balance of fresh tropical fruit reminiscent of mango and cola cubes with thicker aromas of dried figs and cigar boxes.  The palate is wonderfully spicey giving notes of clootie dumpling and lemon zest developing into something smoother with toffee notes and Fraserburgh butteries.  The finish is exceptional with the ex-sherry casks really shining through and waves of fresh fiery gingerbread lingering.  The first vatting of bourbon and sherry casks from Daftmill shows a new side to the distillery, and in my opinion this balance and finesse suits the delicate spirit perfectly.