Recommendations by Nick Sullivan


One of our local gin distilleries based out in Aboyne Aberdeen shire. This is an award-winning gin distilled using local Deeside honey and brambleberries. Beautiful sweetness to it but still holding a traditional juniper led character and flavour. A great refreshing gin and tonic. Really nice being served with strawberries as a garnish. Eenoo in old scots means the time is now.

I love it because of the aroma to it. The initial smell has this beautiful berry sweetness to it. The honey comes in subtly it is not too sweet, but it still holds what a gin should be. Its got a nice dry finish to it you stull get the juniper and botanicals coming through and it makes a really nice classic refreshing gin and tonic. An incredibly well-made gin because these guys are independent and local, they do not produce in huge quantities and really care about what they produce and quality of their taste


Orkney gin company

Distilled in Orkney to an old tom style recipe Distilled using sugar and local rhubarb. Gin is great chilled with ice or lemonade as a nice refreshing summer sipper.

I really like the rhubarb because of Garry who makes it Garry is probably the nicest man you’ll ever meet and if you ever catch the ferry from Aberdeen to Orkney, Gary is the captain of the boat. This is a gin you can drink neat just on itself. I like it because its soft its smooth its fruit its sweet its very easy going and I think the quality of the gin is exceptional.



Anoc12yo is an Aberdeen shire distiller. Aged for 12 years in oak casks. It is a great dram for many occasions, very soft smooth a little bit lemony. A whisky that everybody will enjoy I call it my breakfast whisky; it is one that you can have any time of the day. Crowd pleaser




Glenallachie 15

Classic Speyside distiller. This has been matured in oloroso sherry casks. It just reminds me of Christmas. Really nice festive spices: trickle toffee chocolate orange. A delightful character to it. Such a beautiful colour, very rich and dark. A great after dinner dram. Great whisky for Speyside whisky fans






One of my favourite distilleries. These guys are based in Campbelltown. It is a very small independent and Scottish owned distillery. It is a lightly peated style that reminds me of a digestive biscuit. That oaty, cereal and grainy notes with a hint of smokiness to it. These guys only distilled for 62years and does a bit of time to process by hand and on site. A remarkable dram, something that is not commercially available in many places.

I love it because it is a proper working distillery, there is a lot of passion behind it. You know produced and distilled in small quantities these guys really care about the end product. I think it is a great tasting whisky, even though if you are not a fan of smoky whiskies this is a great introduction to the peat for the west coast flavour.