Alistair Walker

Undisclosed Distillery Islay 14 Years Old Infrequent Flyers 70Cl 57.7%

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Single cask whisky from an undisclosed distillery in islay. Bottled at cask strength by Alistair Walker for 4th batch of his infrequent flyers collection. 

Colour: golden straw.

Nose: autumnal. Sweet peat and char. Chimney smoke. Very soft medicinal islay notes emerge.

Palate: a lovely pleasant sweetness on the palate - butterscotch and custard creams in sync with the peaty, phenolic flavours. sweet barbeque - crispy bacon on pancakes doused with maple syrup. salted popcorn. peppery notes reveal themselves on the addition of water.

Finish: sweet, and a little spicy.